Who am I really?

Who am I and will I ever really know the answer to that question?


I’m starting this blog by asking myself 30 questions from the lifehack website (i’ll include the link below) to get me questioning the very essence of who I am. As someone who has always changed themselves to fit the people they are with I find it really hard to define myself. Even my family when buying me things will say I saw that and it just looked very you etc. and this always makes me question what makes it me? who am I for that to represent me. I know that seems like an overreaction but you get what I mean… ┬áThe need to really find myself has always lingered and lately it just seems more important to me than ever. Although I have friends i’m finding it harder and harder to hang around with people I once spent hours with without thinking about it, is this because I’ve changed? or even that I haven’t and they have?

The answers to the questions I pose will be in a stream of consciousness style. Sometimes I will write pages, sometimes a line you never know.. that’s the beauty of feelings, sometimes they can be summed up in a little and sometimes they overflow, for better or worse.


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