Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?

I’m quite good at letting go generally, I would like to say i’ve improved. But the one thing i’m really bad at letting go of is friendships. I latch onto the past and memories of what has been and find it really hard to let go of something that has lasted. Don’t get me wrong if i’ve known you for a day it wouldn’t be like that but i’m talking years.

I’m going to make this as general as possible but some friends over the years i’ve realised bring no happiness to my life, yet i always feel like all the years of friendship would go to waste…but then why waste more? It’s the question of when is too much and when do i decide to be selfish..without feeling guilty? The lack of others helps to make me feel worse as it has been me and her for such a prolonged period of time that i always feel that no one else will understand me, i’m a hard person to like i feel and even harder to stick by…


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