The girl on the train


I’ve just finished reading the girl on the train and although it left me underwhelmed and i could talk about that for ages…but what really stood out to me on a personal level was how much I empathised with Megan..not the whole deep secret husband you don’t love etc.. but in the idea that life may seem perfect but that’s not always the case and the desire to run from things for no reason as a fleeting sensation.

Also my distaste for Rachel, sorry but the way it was written (as someone who doesn’t drink it’s harder for me to empathise) it seemed that her descriptions dragged and her intentions were obsessive for no reason but then that’s the character so i have a love/hate with her and the length of the book. I feel like there’s a difference between building tension and dragging it out… but overall I liked the story and plot twists and definitely the characters.


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