When I move out i’ll…

Living in the future is a habit that i’m slowly getting myself out of and part of this is recognising when and how i live in what i believe to be my future. The other day I was reflecting on becoming vegetarian and how I always struggle being at home where my mother can cook food containing meat so easily and it’d be available when i get home from uni and the same thing popped into my head: “when i move out it’ll be easy”. Then i realised that i’ve been in this same cycle since I finished high school and as i’m planning to stay at home for the duration of my uni course (4 years) i can’t put off everything and say when i move out everything will change…i’ll be 23 when my course finishes and want to move out by the time i’m 25 (I wan’t to buy>rent) and i can’t remain the same person until then in the hope that moving will cause me to reinvent myself and fulfil all my wishes…

so from now on the phrase ‘when i move out i’ll’ is no more to me, especially as i’ve noticed my brother start to say it too…


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