The art of being normal

I have literally just finished this book and what can I say.. I need more book, I need to know more about what the characters go on to do. I need to know about Leo and Kate… Aw the feels

I saw this book on my Amazon recommendations and I don’t know what compelled me to but I added to basket and brought it..after reading the first chapters online afterwards I waited for the book to arrive. My excitement was not wasted; I started reading the book this morning and in around 3 hours I finished it. The story and characters hook you and the plot twists aren’t as expected at all.

Williamson manages to write a book about gender and identity without the obvious storyline and makes the reader question their own judgements:

Reading Leo’s perspective for half the book it isn’t until you find out some of his secrets that you think how they don’t make up who he is, merely an aspect of it. This reflects well into the theme of the book and the storyline really does emphasis the question of what is “normal” and someone’s gender not defining them.

This book has left me speechless to try and explain how it draws you in and teaches you a lesson you didn’t even know you needed… Just read the book and thank me later

Also if you read the book:


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