Self reflection

For those of you who read my birthday post it sort of jolted me into action…not that i’ve done much but i’ve been thinking about my life and how i’ve spent years thinking about how unenthusiastic I am with my life and how stagnant i’ve become. And then I just thought to myself why have I done nothing about it? As someone with social anxiety making friends is difficult to me and I end up relying on old friends that have let me down time and time again, but slowly i’m making progress and trying to focus on self growth as much as possible.

I’ve started planning my time to be effective in my study habits and reduce any anxiety around that and just feel more comfortable and not rushed. If you have any tips let me know in the comments because I guess I just reached that point of being done with doing nothing…

Hopefully updates to come…

also the picture i’ve used for this I love…



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