What advice would you give to yourself 3 years ago?

Continuing on the theme of reflection…

3 years ago I was 16 and looking forward to finishing my GCSE’s and a nice summer ahead. If I could go back there’s so much I would change, isn’t that always the way. The people who were there for me aged 16 are nowhere to be seen now and i’d love to have warned myself but to be honest I don’t regret all the time I spent with them. I’d tell myself to treasure the memories and don’t be mad at them or yourself about what happens, life happens and in the end you’re better for it. Just don’t let how people act define your life. I’d tell myself you will quit this job and it won’t be the end of the world you’ll find one you love just as much although yes you will miss all the people you worked with and they will forget about you, it’s natural. Mostly i’d say stop putting up with people and things that make you unhappy: at age 16 my mental health was already rocky and it’s a long way ahead before you even start to feel stable in yourself but that’s okay you don’t have to have it all sorted out so young. Also don’t let others tell you that everyone gets upset you’re fine-you have anxiety and bouts of depression and that’s okay it doesn’t define you. Mostly just keep going even when life seems tough, it does get better…even if it doesn’t seem it yet (still learning this currently).

What would you tell your younger self? Feel free to let me know in the comments



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