Saving money..

As a naturally anxious person I always worry about the future and some of that comes from my mother, it’s not her fault but she’s always worried about financial stability with having never brought her own house instead renting. Since I was a child she’s drilled it into my head to save for a house etc. I’m currently at uni and work weekends and have been saving as much as I can in an isa (which isn’t a lot I know a house deposit is still a far goal). But then I realised when researching about saving for a mortgage (yes I’m that anxious person that has been googling about mortgage advice from age 16) that you don’t have to buy a house. I know that sounds stupid but when you’ve had an idea for years and years sometimes it’s hard to see different. And that moment set me free in a sense… I still want to own a house one day, the focus being on the words one day. And I’m not gonna waste my savings but when I get paid I’m going to buy some things for me.. Not transfer most of it into a savings account (I do usually save most of it and spend the rest on things like gym membership, travel to uni etc). And it gives me the freedom of not knowing where I’m going to live for a long time… I can travel and explore until I find that place and change where I work etc…

Just a ramble but I feel a weight has lifted, how’re you today?


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