Everything I never told you

Everything I never told you is a very interesting book, and not at all what I expected. Reading the back I assumed what the storyline would be, it described a dead daughter with a pressuring mum and a father that wanted her to fit in, a brother who blames a boy and a sister who is invisible in the family. I assumed one thing and while reading the story this seemed to occur however the end of the story isn’t as it seems and the characters are very developed making me empathise with each of them in a different way.

I picked up this story as it was on sale but was surprised by how much I enjoyed the story and characters. It’s described as a murder mystery style book about the girl’s death however it’s more of a story about a family and the fact she is dead sets the scene. It is also a really interesting look into how a Chinese man is treated in America especially after marrying an American woman. Set in 1977 it’s interesting to see how times have changed.

I’d recommend the book,just not as a tense murder mystery. It was very slow at times and there wasn’t much mystery but a compelling storyline.



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