I realised that I haven’t really updated my poetry pages lately and it’s just brain block, personally I find that being sad produces the best work for me so it’s a good thing i’m happier but also i love to express myself so it’s taking work to try and write…but I shall update soon.



poetry i’ve published #9

Control Alt Delete

restart the program

we wait for no man

pick up your feet


existence but a blur

yet in high definition

on our own mission

coke, acid and myrrh


three wise men,

speeding down the road

lighten the load

never be young again


can’t stop us-ever.

minutes. seconds.

go back for seconds,

we’ll keep going forever…


stop? what else is there?

for the lowest of the low

in a world full of giants, so

we’re broken beyond repair


superglue, fill the cracks

with colour, a rainbow

condescending, what do they know?

we’re the kings, gods, wrecks


ruling our town, world

bow down, raise your arms

celebrate pound the alarm

like we’re angels  in living hell


wings soaring into the night

into the galaxy-milky way

munchies,ravenous every day

no sleep, put up a fight


sleep when we’re dead

in a couple of years

live now, drop your fears

come on now, we haven’t very long


till the colours burst

so do our brains

its inevitable,

a collision

life meets death,

no precision

go out with a bang

be remembered

the future will remember our reign.

poetry i have published #4

T’is but a dance

He grabs my hand

I’ll lead the way

Fast as you can

Mines the broken glass

The daggers and blades

In the dance of the dead don’t be afraid

Spin and swirl

Come now my child

Free your inhibitions

Be perfectly wild

The spotlight shines down

A beacon of light

As I dance my way

In the dead of night

Through the darkest of shadows

With a gleam in his eye

The music slows to a halt

Ready to die?