3 subscribers, really?

Now if you’ve read my previous post on the topic you will know that I have a youtube channel. I currently have 3 subscribers (one of which is my other channel) yaaay. And I admit sometimes I feel like is it worth the effort it takes to film (it’s more than it looks) but then I remember the whole reason I wanted to make one is because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Starting the channel I was talking about music as it’s a big part of my life but now I realise how much more I want to try and put into it, more things similar to here with ideas on mental health and advice etc. whether or not anyone responds (out of 3 subscribers one comments). Because success isn’t always how many followers you have…


also for those of you that don’t see my face..that’s me… heey


Do I leave or do I stay?

I recently met up with an old friend who goes to a different uni to me, and we talked about our experiences. At the end of the conversation she said to me that she thinks I should move out, as I currently commute an hour and a half to uni daily on the tube. Now the thought has occurred to me before (normally on the tube during said commute) but I’d never seriously considered it because of the cost (convincing my parents to let me is a struggle) and if i’m brutally honest it’s way out of my comfort zone and i’d been too scared. I’m currently unsure as my friends are moving into a 4 bedroom house and if i’m honest I don’t want to move into a massive group house, one of my friends is considering attending my uni next year dependent on her grades but I don’t want to make a decision based on that but also do I want to live alone? (convincing my parents I want to spend over £400 a month to live alone would never work) my brain is currently filled with so many thoughts.

Anyone have experience of moving out and have any advice?

Why I started youtube…

That total view count of 10 views got me excited….

Now I know my video quality is disgraceful (new camera pending) and my editing is shocking (try having a chromebook) but after years spending my evenings binge watching youtubers i thought why not? if it fails so what? i’ve spent years wanting to….

now is the time to start trying new things

little self promo:

music/poetry is gonna be here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MBCWpdGnRqdUH_AZNTL1Q

books/biology here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j96CXWRhQys

When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?

running.. pushing my physical comfort zone as i’m unfit kinda so running a lot more is pushing that comfort zone

mentally i’m trying to deal with my anxiety so i can explore things out of my comfort zone

socially… let’s not start on my grand total of 1.5 friends

but it’s a work in progress and i think i’m getting there