Being “busy”

I’m back should I say, with life and just everything I’ve been busy. I say that but i’m trying to work on not just using ‘life’ and being ‘busy’ as an excuse for not getting things done. I’ve found over the years that I’ve said yes to so many things, which all crashed down on me when it all built up and my mental health suffered I would bail and quit. because of this I’ve been anxious to do too much in case this leads to exhaustion and any negative consequences on my mental health.

The past couple of months have been super busy for me although I hate that phrase because looking backĀ i’ve had a lot of free time and have just been disorganised and easily distracted. However in the past couple of weeks i’ve had an increased amount of plans and visited friends and have managed to get work done. I have then reflected and have decided that going forwards I want to say yes to more things but be wary of my commitments.

Furthermore, visiting other areas where I don’t have phone signal has been an eye-opening experience. Although I hate to admit I got home and spent too much time scrolling through my social media, I’m planning to cut this down with every Sunday being a no social media day from now on in order to minimise the effects it has on me as well as just generally engaging more with my life.

This has been a slight stream of consciousness but as this blog-thingy is like a slight online-journal style thing for me it helps.



On Tuesday I went to a Bry concert in Islington, London. Throughout the day I looked forward to it but had a lingering headache and just wanted to sleep. So I met my friend peace and we set off. We got to the venue about 4:45 with the show starting at 7 because we knew it was one of the few concerts where 2 hours early can guarantee you a good spot. And those 2 hours were amazing, eating custard filled doughnuts we laughed about everything and nothing from the penguin shuffle (my own great awkward dad dance move) to just about anything. It was the first time in a while i’ve just had time to kill just enjoying myself and it was well needed.

what they say is true if you think positively, positive things happen..the concert was great, I managed not to oversleep the next day (new record), my tube was empty, I understood my lectures (who would’ve thought) and got a good mark on my coursework that I was sure i’d messed up on. So i’m a happy are you?