3 subscribers, really?

Now if you’ve read my previous post on the topic you will know that I have a youtube channel. I currently have 3 subscribers (one of which is my other channel) yaaay. And I admit sometimes I feel like is it worth the effort it takes to film (it’s more than it looks) but then I remember the whole reason I wanted to make one is because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Starting the channel I was talking about music as it’s a big part of my life but now I realise how much more I want to try and put into it, more things similar to here with ideas on mental health and advice etc. whether or not anyone responds (out of 3 subscribers one comments). Because success isn’t always how many followers you have…


also for those of you that don’t see my face..that’s me… heey



As some of you may know I have a youtube channel where I post book reviews etc… I know I only get like 20 views (which to me is a lot t0 be honest) but I have still decided to monetize my videos, now I know some people think that’s stupid as apparently you earn $25 for every 1000 views buuut I plan to give any revenue, even if its £1, to charity in an attempt to do more. I make videos to get me out of my own comfort zone and improve my confidence, if I can put that to good use then why not?

So please do check it out, i’ll be updating soon:

My youtube page

if you’re not a fan then please feel free to donate to my #luna4lumos page here:

thank you



Why I started youtube…

That total view count of 10 views got me excited….

Now I know my video quality is disgraceful (new camera pending) and my editing is shocking (try having a chromebook) but after years spending my evenings binge watching youtubers i thought why not? if it fails so what? i’ve spent years wanting to….

now is the time to start trying new things

little self promo:

music/poetry is gonna be here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-MBCWpdGnRqdUH_AZNTL1Q

books/biology here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j96CXWRhQys